The Minotaur (1987)         

1. Beauty in the beast
2:45         8. Procession 3:07
2. Daedalus 4:05   9. The rape of Pasiphae        3:23
3. The kretan empire 4:07 10. Queen Phaedra 2:37
4. Bulldance 4:02 11. Desolation 1:08
5. In the sacred cave 1:46 12. Prediction 2:28
6. Dancers 2:19 13. The minotaur 3:51
7. Solitude 2:45 14. Wo man 3:37


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Originally released 1987 as a very limited cassette which was sold after concerts

Rereleased 2009 as a limited private CDR
Steve Jolliffe: Synthesizers, piano, flute, saxophone

Steve Jolliffe  ESQ1. Tenor Sax. Everything written directly on the ESQ1 with its 8trk sequencer then mixed live with a bit of reverb as I overdubbed the sax. I was living in Glastonbury at the time and was asked by Kathy to write the music for a play  she was putting together with local people. We toured the production around a few nearby venues while I played the soundtrack live. I had such a lot of fun. It made a refreshing change to be making music around the company of others. I had given up trying to find record deals so I just released it as a cassette.

All titles written by Steve Jolliffe

Produced by Steve Jolliffe