Temmenu (1996)

1. Voices                    48:00

Steve Jolliffe.  Yamaha DX7. Roland Juno6. Flute. Tenor and Soprano Sax.                             Acoustic Piano. Voice.
Temmenu involved diligent programming of the DX7 attempting to create other worldly sounds. I had purchased one of the first to enter the country and sometimes spent weeks perfecting a single patch


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Steve Jolliffe: Synthesizers, flute, saxophone, voice

Written by Steve Jolliffe

Produced by Steve Jolliffe

Co-ordinated, remixed and mastered by Steve Thomas

at Small Tree Studios, Wales

"Temmenu" is a remixed version of the 1985 MC "Voices"

Original CD release 1996 on Sine Records label

Rereleased 2008 as a limited private CDR
Original Sine Records release 1996