Poland (2006)

1. Spring ´67 28:56
2. Meadow run            12:58
3. Komarno 22:46



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Steve Jolliffe:  Synthesizers, flute, piano, electronics
Edgar Froese: Guitar on "Spring ´67"


All titles written by Steve Jolliffe

Recorded live at the Ricochet Gathering in Jelenia Góra, Poland

Teatr Jeleniogórski, September 11, 2004

Produced by Vik Rek

Live recording by Volker König & Jens Eisbein

Engineered by Oli Eschenbroich

Mastered by Steve Jolliffe

Sound excerpt on "Spring ´67" by Tangerine Dream 1967

Original CD release 2006 on Ricochet Dream label

Limited edition of 300 copies