Journeys Out Of The Body (1982)

1. Second reality 8:26
2. Middle dream state 11:51
3. Dark Lady
4. Flight and returning to the body       9:16



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All titles written by Steve Jolliffe

Produced by Steve Jolliffe and Jade Warrior

Executive producer: Bobby Who

Recorded at Atlantis, Bruton, Somerset

Diary edits by Susan Piers

Steve Jolliffe: Pro-one synth, piano, soprano saxophone,
  flute, emulator 1, voice
Rich Brunton:      Electric and acoustic guitars
Tony Duhig: Electric guitar


Steve Jolliffe  Pro-One. Acoustic Piano. Soprano Sax. Flute. Emulator 1. Voice Rich Brunton  Electric and Acoustic Guitars. Tony Duhig  Roland Guitar synth. Since childhood I have experienced a phenomena of being half asleep and half awake. I become conscious from sleep-seeing and hearing everything around me-but having no control over my physical body, as though paralyzed. As a child this happened a few times a year and I would always fight to pull myself out of the nightmare. Around thirty years of age I decided to to risk surrendering to the experience. I was in a cabin on a channel ferry when I woke paralyzed. I surrendered to the experience. I drifted out through the ship wall and across the sea with a sense of euphoria. As I saw the ship disappearing into the distance I began to feel anxious which Immediately shot me back to the cabin where I awoke. It would be another two years before I would be brave enough to make another attempt. I then began a series of journeys that were both exhilarating and inspiring. The music that I recorded through this time was a direct result of my adventures. Steve Jolliffe.

Original LP release 1982 on Nada Pulse label

CD release 1992 on Atlantis label

Rereleased 2006 as a limited private CDR

Track 4 is 2 minutes longer on the original Nada Pulse LP release

Original Nada Pulse LP 1982 Atlantis CD release 1992