Escape (1991)

1. Journey´s begin       7:37 4. Desire 4:44
2. Land unknown 7:15 5. Diver 11:45
3. Red witch 7:00        6. Free passage         4:18


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Steve Jolliffe: Synthesizers, piano, flute, clarinet, trumpet, harpsichord, horns, oboe, saxophone

All titles written by Steve Jolliffe

Produced by Steve Jolliffe

Original CD release 1991 on Atlantis label

Rereleased 1994 on Horizon Music label

Rereleased 2006 as a limited private CDR

Original Atlantis release 1991Horizon Music release 1994

Steve Jolliffe  Ensoniq SD1. Yamaha WX7. (Recorded, mixed and mastered on the SD1)
I started writing this album shortly before I left for the USA. Where I hoped to find some relief from the hopeless efforts to find any promotional support for my work in England. I was living in an apartment in Santa Monica when I made my first tentative call to a record company, expecting the usual disinterest and lack of communication. I was greeted on the other end by a bright and happy recipient who cheerfully invited me over for coffee and a chat. I was pleasantly amazed. Most of my meetings were the same with positive and compassionate outlooks including the Ensoniq factory who immediately dispatched to me a free keyboard after I had sent them a copy of Escape which I had created solely on the SD1. None of the companies offered me a contract but they had all made the effort to listen, which was all that I asked. Eventually Horizon Records who were then a fan club for TD agreed to to invest in a release.