Earth (1981)          

1. Earth dawn 3:24   8. Earth echoes 3:00
2. Earth heritage 2:32   9. Earth tension 4:24
3. Earth beauty 2:36 10. Earth energy 2:41
4. Earth folk 3:23 11. Earth construction         2:26
5. Earth festival 3:21 12. Earth man 2:51
6. Earth sounds 2:28 13. Earth force 2:43
7. Earths effects                 3:29           



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Steve Jolliffe.  Sequential Circuits Pro one. Hohner Clavinet. Acoustic Piano. Tenor Sax. C Flute and Bamboo flute.

I wrote this album shortly after leaving TD for the second time. The tracks were recorded on my two track tape deck at home and then taken to a studio in the centre of London where Trevor and Rich were added. The timings were of my usual free form nature, which I thought would cause a problem for Trevor. No problem he said, that's a sniff beat: 1, 2, 3, 4 sniff, then repeat. He was a master and bought the tracks to life along with the professionally and intricate playing of Rich on guitar.

Steve Jolliffe:

Synthesizers, electronics, flute, saxophone

Rich Brunton: Guitar
Howard Jones: Drums
Trevor Moraiss:     Drums


Al titles written by Steve Jolliffe

Produced by Steve Jolliffe

Original LP release 1981 on Bruton Music label

Out of print!

Will be rereleased on private CDR in the near future