Drakes Venture (1980)

1. Crumhorns 1:59    
  7. Renaissance flute 2  
2. Drakes cabin 3:24   8. Tension 2:40
3. The dance (trumpet)  1:57   9. The dance (flute) 2:36
4. Rennaisance flute 1 0:40 10. Elizabeth 1:31
5. Deep waters 3:05 11. Titles 3:02
6. Thomas Doughty 4:13    


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Steve Jolliffe: Synthesizer, flute, crumhorn, trumpet, oboe, clarinet

All titles written by Steve Jolliffe

Produced by Steve Jolliffe

Some tracks are different versions of tracks from "The Bruton Suite"

which was originally composed and recorded in 1979

Drakes Venture The original soundtrack from the BBC film starring JohnThaw & Paul Darrow
Steve Jolliffe.  Flemish Harpsichord. Renaissance Flute. Janet Davey Consort.  Crumhorns. Piccolo Trumpet. Pedal Harp. Christopher. Viols and Lute

Original released 1980 as a very limited EP on Atlantis label

Rereleased 2010 as a limited private CDR

Original Atlantis EP 1980

A TV production made in 1981 starring John Thaw as Francis Drake and Paul Darrow as Thomas Doughty.

The Film runs for just over 2 hours