Doorways To The Soul (1988)

1. Solitaire 4:32        6. Red deserts 7:37
2. Water and me 4:42 7. Heart and soul        4:02
3. Lonely war 5:24 8. Hypnos 2:21
4. Soon I´ll be there       6:02 9. Across the sea 5:47
5. Images of you 3:47    



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Steve Jolliffe:  Synthesizers, piano, flute, saxophone, voice


All titles written by Steve Jolliffe

Produced by Steve Jolliffe

Steve Jolliffe  ESQ1. Flute. Tenor Sax.
Once again made entirely on the ESQ1 with overdubbed flute and tenor. Also released on cassette. Still living in Glastonbury and becoming more and more despondent at the lack of support from record companies.

Originally released 1988 as a very limited cassette,

which was sold after concerts

Rereleased 2009 as a limited private CDR