Alien (1994)

1. Breaking point         7:20         5. Arrival 7:54
2. Heart 10:08   6. Just for you       5:14
3. Lost friend 9:33   7. Goodbye 6:03
4. One love 7:06      



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Steve Jolliffe:  Synthesizers, piano, harpsichord, flute, saxophone, voice


Original CD release 1994 on Atlantis label

Rereleased 1995 on Horizon Music label

Rereleased 2006 as a limited private CDR
Original AMP release 1994Horizon Music release 1995

Steve Jolliffe  Ensoniq SD1. Roland JV80. Korg O1W. Tenor Sax. Flute.
The last album I made before leaving the USA. I was living in Maine where I had a little office which I loved. Being around other souls was inspiring and comforting as I arrived to work each morning. Most of my life I have spent in isolation due mainly to the nature of my work.

All titles written by Steve Jolliffe

Produced by Steve Jolliffe