Despite its martial title, this is not an aggressive record. Instead, these nine tracks move with the muscular power of a trained fighter and tell tales of wisdom, not war. Their power is always kept safely under a veneer of powerful bass lines, futuristic leads and metallic stabs and driven onward by the force of simple, but deceivingly effective tribal beats. Much more than on any other Steve Jolliffe release, grooves fuel the action and just as some of the titles indicate, these are ritual dances, meant to induce a trance or a different state of awreness. The explosion, therefore, never really occurs, but there is a mencacing aura surrounding most pieces, an implied danger lurking from under each stone and behind each shadow on the wall - this warrior roams the vast spaces of forgotten lands and takes the astral journey. The majestically black "Sorcerer" slows things down in the eye of the album's storm, but "Desert Plains", a transcendental hymn, lifts the listener weightlessly up into the sky again.

A breathtaking trip, full of metaphors and veiled allusions.


(Tobias Fischer,




This 45-minute CD from 1992 is a dramatic instrumental look at the culture of the Native American Indians. Dynamic and entertaining, this music evokes astral planes and arid prairies with melodic tuneage and emotional compositions.

Energetic keyboards vie with percussion and flute amid uptempo pieces. The tasty and versatile percussives propel the music with sinuous rhythms, flowing easily through the keyboard electronics and orchestral passages. The melodies are never brash or overt, possessing a nobility and grand manner. Spectral flute adds a pleasantly ethereal edge to some of the tracks.

(Horizon Music)




"Warrior" is loaded with musical sketches where rich melodies intertwine with exuberant rhythms in a progressive vein. The album is dedicated to the Native American Indian, and many pieces seek to evoke this spirit in majestic soaring passages that combine the full digital layered sound and nature-inspired touches. Jolliffe uses spacey sequential phrasing to complement the orchestral beauty of the synthesizers and amber tones of his flute playing, and he succeeds time and again in finding the most vivid blend. Tracks such as “Ghostdancers,” “Brother,” “Desert Plains” and “Eagle” typify the vision of this artist as he sculpts his modern telling of time-honored traditions that must live on.

(Heartbeats, All Music Guide)