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Interview - May 2010

by Dirk Schirra

Hi, Steve! How are you? What are you doing right now?


Trying to get free of a disastrous house sale, buy a camper-van and hit the road as a musical gypsy.



What was your first introduction to music? 

Were there any musicians in your family?


I was drawn into music from watching films like Sparticus at my local flea pit. 

I was mesmerized by those colorful blockbusters and the music stirred up my emotions.


At the age of eleven I donned my best suit and stood outside the projection rooms trying to pluck up the courage to ask for a job in the films.  I was convinced that this room was where it was all created and it made sense to me to knock on the door. It never occurred to me that a mile down the road was Beaconsfield Film Studios.


Unfortunately I didn't find the courage and walked home a dejected little boy.


I was contemplating on this recently and asked myself what did I really want from films, I've never really seen myself as an actor or anything else in that world. I came to the conclusion that what I really wanted was to be drawn into a make-believe world. In short I wanted to be a figment of my imagination.

I still do.


I began buying records of film music, which led to me discovering classical music, a journey I still pursue.


The fascination with films has carried on till this day. I can watch pretty much anything and throw myself into the adventure. I am eagerly awaiting the total immersion experience, wearing goggles and diving into a new world.


My Parents loved music but neither of them liked classical music, they were both into the songs of the day. So I was left to find my own way.



You are a multi-instrumentalist. What was your first instrument? 


I first bought a sax from the 'exchange and mart' paper. The sax arrived by post. I had no idea how it worked or whether it played chords. I made so much noise on it, the neighbors called the police, who arrived at the door with a noise abatement order.



Most progressive musicians who appeared at the end of the 60s or the beginning of the 70s were influenced by the Beatles or early Pink Floyd. What were your influences? 


None really, I just joined a band to support my Painting. 


I was always surprised with what people got away with, it seemed to me the worse you were the more people liked it. Now they call it culture and even knight people. I find it completely mad.

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